WHY taptag?

Convenient, ticketless, cashless and better customer experience control. TapTag is a robust RFID technology that can
open up a host of opportunities for corporate, festival, and nightclub vendors through a simple wristband.

Because guest credentials are preloaded onto the database, TapTag allows organisers to reduce gate staffing and therefore cost. Guests register and enter quicker to increase feedback responses and allow more time for social engagements and spending. TapTag is mostly run on local wifi, therefore even at remote or low 4G coverage areas, the system will still be able to function without compromising guest experience.


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how it works?


1. Register

TapTag can create a branded microsite for guests to pre-register their credentials . The software can also be linked to your existing event website.

2. Wristbands

Branded wristbands/tokens can be allocated quickly and easily on site and/or pre-event, to get guests going with ease.

3. Loading Credit

Guests can load their token with credit from a top up station on site and credit is immediately available on their token. They can view their balance as they purchase.

4. Make Purchases

Purchases can be made simply by the guest tapping their band. Top ups are available throughout the event.


At various photo and video experiences around the festival, guests taps their band to share onto their pre-registered social channels



Data is available live, to assist in managing the event and stock levels. A deeper analysis is provided post event.


Photo and video content is branded and pre-loaded with captions/hashtags to maximise social media impact.



What happens when a guest loses their wristband?

All the guest credentials are stored on the database instead of the the wristband, all they have to do is go to the admission table and a new wristband will be issued to them. The lost wristband will be disabled instantly.


What do i receive in the analytics?

Anything from guest details and traffic, spending patterns, social sharing activity or survey questions. TapTag can tailor the report based on the information you require to better understand your how the festival was experienced.

Does TapTag require the internet?

TapTag is still fully functioning if there is no internet access, as data is stored locally and can be uploaded to the central server when
internet is available. However, internet will be required for eftpos topups and live social sharing.


What happens when a guest runs out of credit?

TapTag can set up mutliple touchpoints around the nightclub where guests can top up their credit any time.

Is the cashless payments feature secure?

TapTag complies with all laws surrounding data security. Full privacy policy is available on request


How much training to staff need?

The TapTag application is extremely user friendly (for both guest and staff). Setup will be made by the taptag it team, and they are
always available for any issues throughout the event.