and Setup

How to capture the public experiencing the "Ultimate Smart Drive" and amplify on social? NOW was engaged to go where no social activation agency has gone before...inside a car and up a giant ramp. Members of the public were invited to experience the new Ford Ranger model and share their experience on social. NOW mounted a professional DSLR camera inside the car and gave the driver a remote, to trigger just as the guests were going down the roller coaster. This method really captured the experience and guests were able to find and tag their photos via the NOW Facebook app integration, as they stepped out of the ride.  


Ford Case Study 03.jpg
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Facebook Integration


The Photo Gallery


An experience this unique was bound to create lots of buzz. The added social element meant hundreds of consumers came to the experience having seen their followers posting on social. The power of experiential marketing in creating brand buzz proved huge and the online reach was staggering.

Ford's Facebook page received an increase in traffic and engagement, as guests found, tagged and shared their photos via the company's page.