Q. does now CROWD provide photo booths?

We aren't called NOW Crowd for nothing. We are an agency with expert knowledge in creating photo and video activations. This means we deliver the flexibility and innovation that today's consumers expect.

Choose our mobile NOW|CAM service to transform a passive booth into an active tool to capture user generated content. Or forget photos and step it up with NOW|MOTION animated GIFs or NOW|VIDEO mini movies.

Q. how long does it take for a photo or video to upload?

On most occasions, uploading of photos is instantaneous. Just enough time for the consumer to log on and enter the code from their ticket or click through their email. Videos are also available live at your event.

Q. What space do you need to operate?

This depends on how much is available. Part of our service is to work with you to ensure that our set-ups will fit seamlessly into the available space. No space at all? Try NOW|CAM or NOW|INSTA.

Q. what if i don't want content to be posted automatically?

All of our services come with the option of moderation. Clients are given access to an admin site, where it's as simple as a tick.

Q. Do you print colour photos on-site?

Yes – it takes less than 12 seconds to print a photo on the spot.

Q. what kind of branding can i add?

Anything. We supply you with specs for print and digital and provide examples to assist. Need inspiration? Our in-house team can produce designs and concepts using our wealth of knowledge about what people love to share best. We don't limit you to templates!

Q. what service is best?

That depends on your brand's goals, budget, audience and the wider strategy surrounding the event. At NOW our dedicated sales team are here to talk you through our products and help you decide what solution is best for you. Our niche is specialized and that's why we're the best in our business. 

Q. Can I have photos posted straight to our website or social pages?

Yes. We can either have photos posted straight to an iframe on your own website or to a branded microsite, which can link to your website and social channels with calls to action.

Q. Can we use our own staff with your products?

Yes. We have staff all across the country who are trained to use our products and know how to get the best out of them. However, it is possible for you to use your own staff for NOW|CAM or NOW|INSTA. If this is the case we will provide a training session at your headquarters or via Skype.

Q. Do you offer props, backdrops and signage?

Yes. We have a range of these in house. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can source from our trusted suppliers and get great rates.

Q. Can you accommodate an outdoor event?

Yes. NOW has been involved in many outdoor events. We consider lighting and weather when discussing the service that will work best and studio lighting comes included in any quote. For our NOW|SHOOT and NOW|GREEN SCREEN services, we suggest that clients supply a marquee.