and Setup

NOW worked with both Guitar Hero Live and Skylanders games at the EB Games Expo. 

For Guitar Hero, green screen technology transported attendees from the screen to centre stage at a rock concert. Using authentic props and a road case style set-up, the NOW equipment was tailored to compliment the overall activation theme.

Over at Skylanders, a giant replica of Hot Streak was produced to let guests pose for a test drive. They were photographed riding the car and had their photo printed and shared on the spot.

A branded microsite was produced for each of the two games, with content instantly being uploaded and shared across many social platforms. 



  Photo:  Channel V Australia

Photo: Channel V Australia

EB Games 2015
EB Games 2015

BRANDED microsite integration

EB Games 2015

The Green Screen Photo Gallery



Branded Microsite Integration

EB Games 2015

The Photo Gallery

EB Games 2015



The super sleek set-ups meant NOW reached thousands upon thousands of gamers of all ages. A photo collage was created at Guitar Hero HQ to display all the fabulous photos.

The kids at Skylanders loved their printed copy and their parents loved sharing on social. Guitar Hero photos were massive on Instagram with the top photo receiving hundreds of likes